Friday, September 18, 2009


This is the first year Parker has played league soccer. He scored this goal in their first game Monday, 9/14. OK it was actually their second game, but the other team didn't show up for their first game. :o) I missed the game (it's harvest time), but a friend filming her grandson accidentally caught Parker in the lense and sent me this video. You have to be quick, the ball going into the goal is the first thing you will see. But his reaction after is priceless.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Labor Day

Eli finally decided to give the toy a try (as long as Donna went with him). It wasn't long before he was showing off.
I love this picture of Eli in the canoe with Donna's bull dog CoCo. Donna says CoCo would stay out in the canoe all day if they would let her. CoCo even has her own life vest.

Labor Day 2009

On Monday we went over to Lake Almanor to visit Donna and Larry at their "lake house". It was a beautiful day, with no wind on the lake. The kids, to my knowledge, had never been out on a boat and towed behind on a toy. Larry was so patient with the kids and they had a great time after they got over being scared.

Hannah has been obsessed with driving lately. She wanted to drive the boat really bad. So this is her evidence that she got to drive . . . NOT. The boat was still tied up to the dock. :o)

Eli did not want to have anything to do with getting on the toy behind the boat. Riding in the bow was his version of a good time.

Hannah and Parker on their first go around. Eventually they all rode it by themselves, even Eli.