Sunday, June 06, 2010

Piano Recital 2010

The kids are still taking piano lessons. Hannah hates it, but we have a saying "piano is non-negotiable". Two of our three piano teachers and one friend (all women) told me that they wanted to quit at one point when they were teenagers, but their mother wouldn't let them. I hope some day Hannah will appreciate the talent and skills she has. =)

All spiffed up and ready to go!

We always have to have a goofy picture. ;o)

I took video of them playing their pieces, but can't figure out how to post it. I will keep working on it!

Mud Ball 2010

After shopping and a quick visit with my friends Brenda and Barbara in West Linn, Hannah and I arrived at Brad's house. The kids decided to play kick ball. Because of all the rain, the back yard was quite soggy. It soon became "Mud Ball".

Cole and Parker waiting for their turn.
Eli is pitching; Hannah is kicking. By this time Hannah who was the first to take a spill is covered down the left side in mud. =)

I love this picture of Cole headed in for a score!

Who is this guy and what is he doing in the game?

Memorial Day 2010

We went to Portland and The Dalles for Memorial Day weekend. We stayed with Brian's mom Margaret in Oregon City. On Saturday Hannah and I went shopping while Margaret, Brian and the boys went over to Brad and Diana's new house to BBQ.

I love this picture. The both have "the look". And they do it so well!

Brad playing badmitten with the boys.
Wait for it, Wait for it . . .

Parker is 12!

Parker turned 12 on May 21. He could hardly contain himself until the big day. 12 is a major milestone if our family. It comes with a later bed time and a cell phone. Not a major cell phone, but a trac phone which still qualifies. =) We figure it is a good way for the kids to learn accountability with the phone.

Parker was actually camping with the Boy Scouts (yes that is SNOW in the picture) the night of his birthday, so we celebrated Saturday night after dinner. We don't allow cell phone use on Sundays, but he carried that thing around - "just to tell time, Mom."