Sunday, April 25, 2010

Eli earns his Arrow of Light Award

Eli and the other Webelos from Pack 405. The signs are the 12 points of the Boy Scout oath. They were supposed to be greeting the people when they came in the door. As you can tell they were more into being silly. :o)

Kim was Eli's den leader. She is an amazing gal. She had 12 boys and managed to get 10 of them through to receiving their Arrow of Light Award.

This is Eli crossing the bridge from Cub Scouts into Boy Scouts. Tom Wharton is one of the Scout Masters.

Our baby is growing up!!

General Conference April 2010

While the kids and I were journeying around Oregon, Brian, our Bishop and the Priest age Young Men from church were journeying around Salt Lake City. They had fun seeing the sites, attending two sessions of General Conference and playing a game called "Shoot the Moon". Apparently Luke is the Shoot the Moon champion!

Beading with Grandma Margaret

After Easter in The Dalles, we went to visit and spend the night with Grandma Margaret. We love going to Grandma Margaret's house. She makes the best grilled cheese sandwiches! :o)

Margaret's hobby is making jewelry. Hannah and Eli wanted to make something.
Hannah's necklace is brown and cream beads with one large bead at the center. It turned out really beautiful.
Eli's was multi-colored. Greens, blues, reds. The next morning he made a bracelet to go with it.

Bonneville Dam & Multnomah Falls

On our Easter trip we went to Bonneville Dam and Multnomah Falls with Bill and his family. Mindi and her family met us there. It was raining, sometimes pouring, but we had a lot of fun!
Parker and Rae Anne were inseparable

Best buds, Ian and Eli

In the elevator on the way down to view the fish ladder.
Diva! Stay for the picture!

Cousins :o)

4 Generations

Grandma Jo and her children, Ray, Nina and Bill

Grandma Jo and her grandchildren, Chet, Wendy, Trudy and Bill

Grandma Jo and her great-grandchildren Logan, Rae Anne, Randy, Parker,
Garrett, Hannah, Eli, Ian and Billy

Friday, April 09, 2010

Easter 2010

It was WAY too much driving, but we had a great trip to Oregon for Easter. It worked out that Hannah could go to Washington overnight Friday to hang out with her BFF from our Dufur days. The boys and I went with my brother Bill and his family to Bonneville Dam & Multnomah Falls. It rained, but we had a great time.

On Sunday the Dodson family gathered at Grandma Jo's house to eat and hunt Easter eggs. It appears the prize egg was eaten by a bird. So we had to draw a winner out of the basket. Chet did the honors and RaeAnne won the giant bag of M&M's. We had a wonderful time. I always love getting together with family. It so rejuvinates my spirit. I hate being so far away from everyone.

We took a lot of pictures. I will post a few this weekend.