Sunday, March 20, 2011

February 2011

I know I say this every time, but really . . . where does all the time go? It really is almost the end of March already and my commitment to write at least once a month is already waning. For us February was pretty much "more of the same". However we added Boys JR High basketball to our list of activities. Parker total exceeded our expectations and played really well. The team started out with 12 players and by the end of the first week was down to 7. Parker saw quite a bit of playing time and we were really happy with his coaches.

On the 19th we sold our truck and purchased a 2005 VW New Beetle. It is a manual transmission and a diesel. So far it is averaging 37.5 miles to the gallon. More than double the truck. We will miss the truck, but it just wasn't working for our situation anymore.

The kids missed A LOT of school in February due to snow and power outages.

Hannah went to her first High School experience. They toured the campus, did team building games and met some of the teachers. She also took what they call the MAP test to see what classes she qualifies for in Math and English. She tested into Advanced English and Plus Algebra. However we know that Math is not Hannah's strong point, so we are going to start with Basic Algebra. At the end of March she goes to take a computer and typing test to hopefully opt out of a computer basics class. I think she will do fine. She already types 70 words per minute.

We finished off the month wishing Jeff a Happy Birthday! He is 33 years old this year. =)

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