Friday, July 31, 2009

YEAH!! Brian finished the summer semester and we the family survived the ordeal. It was a rough 8 weeks and 15 credits. It started off bad as one class started a week earlier than we thought, and we were at Randy's graduation in Bridgeport the first couple of days of the actual semester. On top of that, one of the online classes was Algebra (which Brian hates now). We are just hoping for a C passing grade in that class. It was worth the heavy course load though as Brian will be done with his AA at then end of the Fall Semester 2009. In California that allows him to substitute teach. We found out today that Brian qualifies for a small pell grant in 2010. It's not a lot, but every little bit helps. We are hoping to get through school without incurring any debt. Keep your fingers crossed.
I don't like the slanted bangs over the eye, "but it's the style". I wasn't able to get it as straight as the hairdresser or Mindi did. Hannah has thick beautiful hair , "but you didn't hear that from me." She wishes it was straight. We always want what we can't have. :o)

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Hannah is finally old enough to attend "Girls Camp!" She is at the bottom right, second one in. The one with the beanie and green shirt. They played a version of "Survivor." She had a great time and came home a little bit more grown up. She got to be home for about an hour and a half, long enough to shower and pack. Then we were off on a 4 hour drive to Medford, OR. Where I traded Hannah to Marci for the week. Hannah stayed in Beaverton with Marci and attended a Basketball Camp in Beaverton.

Let's start with Hannah. She is 12 at the moment. In late April of 2009 she got a big girl hair cut. She hated it. She left the salon before I could even pay and I found her in the truck, in the fetal position crying that she "hated it!" She wanted to wear a beanie to school, but ended up with a pony tail every day. When we went to Randy's graduation in June Mindi styled her hair and straighten it and things began to look up. So Friday, she went again for a cut. We talked about what she wanted for several days and since I couldn't be there (which was probably a good thing) we practiced what she would say. Apparently it went well because upon arriving home from work I was told by my mom that she "Loved it!" Unfortunately I didn't get to see it. Brian took the kids swimming at the lake. So tomorrow we are going to attempt to recreate the style for church and we will take a picture.
I love following other people's blogs and so I have decided to give blogging a try. Life is never boring in the Lupkes household. The bad things is we don't seem to take a lot of pictures. So we will have to change that.