Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Catching up!

I can't believe it has been almost two months since I posted anything. So the following posts are a few things we've been doing.

Hannah played community basketball in the Lassen Hoops league. Her team took 2nd place at the season end tournament. She LOVES basketball. The last couple of weeks though were rough as they overlapped with middle school volleyball. Hannah is not as crazy about volleyball, but they didn't have enough girls for a team at her school if she didn't play.

Brian got talked into being the ref for home games at our school. He went to a little mini training and is doing pretty good at it.

The boys start spring soccer when we get back for Easter and Spring break. They are ready! They are on the same team this year which will make the practice schedule easier.

Brian is doing well in school. He loves his Biology class this semester and the teacher recommended him to be a tutor. So now he gets paid $8 hour two times a week to help a couple of people.

My mom was in the hospital again with a bacteria. This time not in the blood stream, just in the open wound on her foot. They are doing ultra-sound therapy on it and it is healing pretty well. It helps that she is confined to our house and mostly her room, so she is staying off of it. But she is going a big stir-crazy I'm sure!


Parker wants to be a snowboarder so bad. It makes me wish we were more of a ski/board kind of family. He has gone a couple of times in the past with friends of ours. There is a section of the sledding hill near Susanville that people use as a short snowboard area. These are a couple of pictures of Parker giving it a go. :o)

Eli is a Webelo!

Eli is the only boy his age in our church group here. The church charters a Cub Scout pack. And it is not fun to do Cub Scouts by yourself. So we worked out an arrangement with one of the local town packs that is sponsored by the VFW. Eli as been meeting with them and having a great time. He earned his Webelos (we be loyal scouts) badge and received it at the Blue & Gold Banquet.

The Cub Master did a ceremony and they painted the boys faces with color representing things like loyalty, courage, etc. It was really fun. Our baby boy is growing up!!

Hannah's Room

From the day we moved into this house Hannah has been bugging us to paint her room. Probably because for the last couple of years we lived in Dufur we had talked about painting her "white" room a different color. At that time it was blue. Now it is purple. So she went to WalMart and brought home paint swatches. I had her cut them apart and tape them to her wall in different color combos. Thank you Nancy Taylor for that idea! Finally she decided on the exact purple she wanted, Brian bought paint and began the project over Thanksgiving break. Yes it took us THAT long to get it done.

We where shopping at Ross in Reno and found the green curtain. I really liked the color too, but wasn't sure how it would look with the purple. We found a paint swatch to match it and Brian bought paint. I was worried, but it turned out pretty good and Hannah likes it. Which is ALL that matters these days. :o)

The stripes were a pain in the keester. Thanks Gina Aldridge! Hannah saw some pictures of what Gina had done with Carlie and Berkeley's rooms. I talked her out of the polka dots. No way was I taking on that challenge. Once I got the hang of the tape and the level, the stripes actually went pretty fast. And yes I know I should have ironed the curtain!

Bathroom Decor

I think most of you know that I am NOT a home decorator. We lived in Dufur almost 6 years and I did not put one picture on the walls. OK, that's not totally true. I did put pictures up in the kids' rooms.

Anyway, I wanted a clock for our bathroom. And not just any clock, I wanted a really BIG clock to fill up a wall. AND it needed to fit in with the lime green paint Brian put up to cover the baby poop yellow that was in there when we first moved in. I was scopeing out ebay one day and found this do-it-yourself clock. I bought it hoping the colors would be close enough to the green and the flowers in the shower curtain. Brian was SHOCKED when I actually put it up. :o) I think it turned out pretty good if I do say so myself.

Our bathroom is one of those that is divided into two rooms. The tub and toilet are separated from the area where the long counter and double sinks are. This clock came from Brian's mom Margaret. I have always admired it and wanted to have it. FINALLY she gave it to me along with some picture that matched it.

SNOW in Susanville on March 31, 2010

Isn't is supposed to be SPRING??

Yesterday we woke up to pouring rain. By mid morning it was snowing, but it was that wet heavy snow and it didn't stick much. By afternoon it was gone. But around mid-night last night it starting snowing good. It must have took a break at some point, but as we head out this morning it is snowing again. :o)