Tuesday, July 27, 2010

How about that airport security?

I was cleaning out my purse and was reminded of our trip through airport security in Minneapolis on the Fourth of July 2010. I carry a Leatherman tool in my purse. It was a gift from RMEF in Oregon. I love it as it comes in handy . . . often.

In 2008 at the Reno airport, I had to mail it back to myself as I forgot to take it out of my purse and airport security did NOT appreciate that.

So you would think I learned a lesson. Nope, I head right into airport security at Minneapolis oblivious to the fact that it is still in my purse. Sure enough they want to check my bags. To my surprise it was not my purse, but my carry on. What the heck is in my carry on that they don't like? Gasp . . . a full size tube of toothpaste!!

Go figure, security takes away my toothpaste but lets me on the plane with a Leatherman tool!!

Parker's first Boy Scout Camp

Our stake participates in an Aaronic Priesthood Scout Camp sponsored by a stake in the Sacrament area. They camp somewhere up on Donner Pass. While not officially sponsored by the LDS church, it is run by LDS members.

Parker had a great time. When he got home and walked in the door, the first thing Hannah said was "don't you think he looks older?" Parker earned 7 merit badges in 1 week. He was pretty proud of himself. He also advanced in rank to First Class.

Each scout troop had to build a boat out of cardboard and duck tape. Brian said Troop 58's didn't float for long. =)
Turns out Parker is really good with a bow and arrow. Brian said Parker got several arrow near the center of the target.

What does Brian want for his birthday?

A Nalgene bottle of course!
He got one from DaKine a couple of years ago and loved it. He likes the wide mouth and that it holds 32 ounces. Unfortunately it got left behind in the dishwasher when we moved from Dufur. Now he has a new one to fall in love with. He even put a DaKine sticker on it!

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Lupkes Family Reunion

As most of you know Brian saw his dad for the first time in more than 30 years last May(2009). Brian has not seen any of his dad's family in Minnesota since he was a toddler.

Every year the Lupkes have a get together on or near the 4th of July. We have talked about going, but found out this year that Brian's dad was making plans to go. So that is what prompted our "Road Trip" of a vacation this year.

Upon our arrival we met the oldest brother, Dick and his wife Barbara. They live in New Jersey. They showed up as a surprise to everyone. We also met Jim and his wife Lu. We stayed at their house. Then Ralph and his wife Diane. And of course Brian's dad Steve and his wife Gloria. They were also so welcoming, as if they had always known us. Brian and I both felt relieved and very comfortable.

Lu cooked up some fabulous chicken and Diane make the best cheesy potatoes I have ever eaten.

The next morning I got up early to do laundry before it got too hot and then we all headed over to Ralph and Diane's for breakfast. It was so much fun to visit with all of them and learn about the lives. I am a 20 question kind of person, so of course I had to find out about everyone. It was great to put names with faces and learn their personalities. =) I hope they had as much fun meeting us!

Vacation Day 3

Thank you Delana for the great pancake breakfast with homemade syrup!

And we are off, headed for Wheaton, MN. But first we have to get through South Dakota. We decided to go straight north out of North Platte to Pierre, SD. Pierre is the capital of South Dakota. We had lunch there and then headed east toward Minnesota.

It took all day, but we got there about 7pm. Had to use the phone at the gas station to call Brian's dad to come find us. AT&T has no cell service in Wheaton, MN. For someone who claims to not be attached to her phone, it was actually hard to not be able to use it.

Brian's family welcomed us with open arms. And so did the mosquitos! Welcome to Minnesota!

Vacation Day 2

After have a nice breakfast at our hotel, we headed northeast out of Salt Lake City and into Evinston, WY. I call the interstate that runs east/west across Wyoming and Nebraska the "treadmill highway". Once you get up out of Evinston, it is pretty much straight for hundreds and hundreds of miles. To me it feels like you are driving and getting no where!

We had lunch in Rawlins, WY at a park with a retired Union Pacific engine. It was windy, but nice.

We finally made it to North Platte, NE where my friend DeeDee and her family live. We had BBQ dinner and stayed up visiting with her and her daughter Delana until well past midnight. I wished we could have stayed longer here too. So much to talk about! Our boys and Delana's boys got along really well. We all decided we must get together again!

I totally forgot to take pictures. :o(

Vacation Day 1

I had great plans to blog each day of our vacation. So much for great plans! Too much driving, late nights visiting and being in the 3% of the US (South Dokota & Eastern Minnesota) that does NOT have AT&T cell service!

We had a great time even though Hannah and I started out tired. We went to the midnight show of Eclipse Tuesday night. This time I was on top of my game and bought ticket 2 weeks in advance! =) After the movie, we went to my office so I could work on a project I was trying to finish before leaving. Brian and the boys picked us up at 5:30am.

We drove to Salt Lake City. The kids have never been there and I had never driven in from the west before. The salt flats are amazing. People even leave messages written in them with rocks. After checking into our hotel and grabbing some dinner, we went to temple square. We got there just in time to watch the new Joseph Smith movie, but just missed the visitor center as it was closing.

Temple square is so beautiful and peaceful in the heart of the city. I wish we could have stayed longer, but the next day called for more driving!